Jack Reiff, BS Management/ME,
is president of WET-TECH, a laundry and wastewater treatment consulting firm
based in Worcester...
03 Wash Pty Limited is partnered
with Wet-Tech USA
(28 years of unblemished trading)
to bring the EnviroSaver II®
(ES2®) ozone laundry system to the...
The EnviroSaver II® by WET-TECH i
s designed for maximum performance
without an installation footprint...

Where infectious
control and
environmental solutions
are our passion.

WET-TECH is your source for
Ozone treatment and energy
conservation solutions.

Ozone is a known Disinfectant noted by the FDA & CDC to destroy most Bacteria on contact. This Sanitizing /Disinfecting benefit is of most importance when processing any Healthcare /Hospitality linen.

Our EnviroSaver II ozone treatment systems are used for laundry washrooms, air purification, water purification, waste water treatment, cooling towers, swimming pools, and food processing production area cleaning and sanitizing. Our Mobile Sanitizer is an efficient way to cleanse and sterilize production areas, trucks, stacking carts, work stations and other areas requiring sanitation

Wet-Tech is proud to announce our association and partnership with
03 Wash Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia.

Contact us for a complete list
of our distributers
Phone: 508.831.4229

Wet-Tech offers a full line of ozone laundry equipment as well as, ozone air and water purification systems. Browse through our site and explore technical data on Ozone while experiencing the many benefits that Wet-Tech can provide to you.
We also have an HF series Ozone system for large volume High soil classification applications such as Industrial wipers and Ink wipers.

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